What is Panchakarma? How It Helps To Destroy Diseases from Root

Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s very advanced method of treatment.

In olden times, through this method people cured themselves from all types of diseases.

But for a few years, this method had been ignored.

However today the whole world has started recognising Panchakarma once again.

We will understand Panchakarma in this manner The best treatment which destroys diseases from its root and ensures that the disease does not occur again.

This is possible only through Panchakarma.

The treatment is of two types Shodhan and Saman.

First, let us know what is Panchakarma.

So Panchakarma is that way of Shodhan through which the body’s old diseases are brought out and the diseases are brought to Koshta and through the nearest exit point they are removed and Tridosh, the three diseases are cured.

This is called Panchakarma.

This is the introduction to Panchakarma.

Now let us know what is Panchakarma From the name Panchakarma, we can understand that Panchakarma means Five Karmas ie. , Five methods.

So the five methods are Vaman Virechan Vasthi Nashyam and RakthMokshanam.

So through five methods we are able to do Shodhan in our body and treat diseases from its root.

Like I said before the best method of treatment is that which destroys diseases from its root and does not let the disease recur.

And this happens only in Panchakarma Because Panchakarma is a very powerful way of Shodhan.

Vaman is the first method of Panchakarma Vaman is for phlegm Phlegm occurs in our stomach.

So by vomitting procedure we bring out the phlegm completely This is done through Vaman The second is Virechan Through Virechan Our digestive system is cleansed through loose motion and our intestines are cleared This is Virechan process.

Now Vasthi is of several forms.

In Panchakarma there are many forms of Vasthi There is external Vasthi and internal Vasthi There are many Vasthis so now I’ll say the names of few Vasthis Niru Vasthi, Anuvasan Vasthi Uttar Vasthi Greeva Vasthi Uro Vasthi, Jaanu Vasthi Kati Vasthi, etc In Panchakarma for your eyes Nethra Tharpan is done Karn Tharpan for your ears So, in Panchakarma any problems in the whole body are cured through Shodhan I have explained the meaning of Shodhan previously.

Shodhan means curing diseases from their root Now comes Nashya Nashya is a very powerful part of Panchakarma This is done through the nose Nashya is given It contains a lot of Ayurvedic oil I won’t explain it in detail now.

Based on the disease, these oils are given through Nashya in the nose Through this, all the problems in the area above our neck are cured completely.

This is possible by nashya Now The last one is Rakthmokshanam In this the blood which is impure in our body Like for example, if someone gets hurt and the blood in that area becomes black If we remove that from the area then it becomes alright This is how Rakthmokshanam is done Now there are many methods of Rakthmokshanam First through water the blood is purified Even today the same method is followed in big Panchakarma hospitals and clinics They do this Rakthmokshanam but today we use syringes or through small surgeries this impure blood and other impurities are removed This is Rakthmokshanam So this is how the five karmas of Panchakarma is there And this is one of the most excellent ancient method which can treat any disease in the body and will ensure that it does not come back again So this is how Panchakarma is done Today, everyone is starting to learn about Panchakarma and started to do Panchakarma Panchakarma is not just for people with diseases Panchakarma is for healthy people as well If a healthy person does Panchakarma and purifies his body then in the future there is no chance of him getting any diseases.