Full Body massage

Siri Ayurvedic Center offers full body massage offered by trained therapists having ample experience, skill and the necessary dedication towards their work. The full body massages acts as a major source of relaxation. It also acts a pain reliever for neck pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, back pain and foot pain.

Post Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage is one of the most vital ways to get your back in shape after carrying the burden of the baby for 9 long months. It focuses on helping you get back core strength and flexibility. At Siri Ayurvedic Center, we offer the best post natal massage.

Child/Baby Massage

Child/Baby Massage is very helpful in helping babies relieve gas and enhance their core body strength as well. Our child masseurs are experts in handling babies.

Head and Shoulder massage

Head and shoulder massage is a very easy way to relieve stress and cure shoulder pain. Our massage experts identify the key pressure points to relive head and shoulder pain quickly. We are experts in head and shoulder pain management.

Head massage

Head massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve a variety of headaches. Some pains are caused due to sinus problems while some arise due to migraine problems. We are specific and careful while offering the best head massages.

Foot massage

Foot massage is a very relaxing way to relieve a day’s stress. Our expert foot massagers offer the most relaxing foot massages. We are sure that you will love our relaxing foot massages.

Steam bath

Steam bath is a very relaxing way to relieve your body of toxins, stress and body pain. An hour of steam bath can help you get rid of a lot of physical discomfort, lethargy and physical discomfort. Just make sure that you get in touch with us for a steam bath.

Hamstring Massage

Hamstring Massage is very important for sportsmen in particular! The reason is very simple! Sportsmen face the maximum pressure on their hamstrings. Our special hamstring massage is bound to relax your strained hamstrings.

Back Massage

Back Massage is the best way to relieve a back pain. Our holistic approach towards back pain management involves the best back massage which is given by back therapy experts who have extensive experience and training on the same filed. We can assure you of enhanced comfort after undergoing our back pain massage.