How To Take Care of Your Skin with Ayurveda

Everyone wants beautiful and healthy skin.

we are spending a lot of money for buying skin care products But still we don’t get satisfactory results form such products.

These artificial chemicals causing more damage to our skin instead of nourishing So today, we will learn some natural Ayurvedic tips for healthy and beautiful skin First of all, you should know what type of skin you have before starting any remedy.

Vata, Pitta and Kapha are ayurvedic psycho-physiological principles called doshas.

Depending on that 3 types of skin mentioned in ayurveda.

1. Vata dominating skin “vata” dominating skin is dry and rough, this skin is very vulnerable to the influence of dry, windy and cold weather and it aging fast

2.Pitta dominating skin Red rash and Acne are common for this type of skin This skin is hot and sensitive

3.Kapha dominating skin this skin is oily and cool this skin can be greasy and thick So, now we will learn how customize your Skin Care Regimen according to types of skin in Ayurveda First of all, we will discuss Vata dominating skin.


As we know vata dominating skin has more vata dosha so it is dry and rough care of such skin is very important.

for such type of skin, ayurveda advised massage with oil and various medicinal herbal formulation.

for such preparation Sesame oil or Almond oil is commonly used massage maintains skin moisture and tone for best results, you have to take plenty of sleep and you have to take healthy diet.


Pitta dominating skin you should protect such type of skin from intense sunlight and take proper fresh and healthy food with is not too sour for massage of such pitta dominating skin you should consider coconut oil or sunflower oil.

this type of skin gets benefits from coating (i.E.Lep) with herbal medicine in rose water preparation you should take plenty of fruit juice and water for pitta dominating skin


Kapha dominating skin care such type of skin needs detox by natural methods for detox of such skin ayurveda recommend ‘Udvartan’ i.E. Dry massage, for dry massage you should take powder of ayurvedic herbs.

kapha dominating skin’s people should avoid more sweet and oily foods.

such people get good result with face pack of multan’s sand once a week In this way, ayurveda treat skin care regimen according to Doshas you can get healthy and beautiful skin with this ayurvedic tips.

The ancient healing tradition of ayurveda is treasure for skin care remedies.