Hair Loss Ayurveda Treatment, Causes & Oil

Hair loss is basically a problem of Pitta.

But if you are losing hair,sometimes it is improper nutrition when you are traveling,when your diet is not proper, when you have lots of stress,you can also loss hair.

So, whenever somebody is loosing hair,they have to check their protein intake They have to take fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, in the daily life, eating properly, not too much stress.

In Ayurveda, we put oil also in the hair, and specially we use oil, called Mahabhringraj oil and we say, how to use it, to put some oil in the roots of the hairs, and wash it in the morning time.

Sometimes, people use very hard shampoo, this can also cause hair damaged.

People who are using hair dryer, They also make the follicles less effective and they fall down.

So, you should check what is the cause of the hair fall In India, in the rainy season when it is high humidity, people also loss lots of weight and hair due to the humidity.

So it can be seasonable, it can be improper nutrition, it can be high pitta, it can be genetic.