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India’s traditional, system of natural medicine has been practiced for more than 5000 years. Any health issues-acute, chronic diseases irrespective of age i.e kids, adults and old age, can be dealt naturally and treatment will be planned accordingly. Ayurvedic Medicine Sydney – We are popularly known for the quality of herbal medicine that can treat prolonged diseases. In fact, we also provide natural medicine in Sydney so that you can avoid the harmful side effects of chemical drugs.

Our body is from nature so, the imbalance in the body can be cured by nature called AYURVEDA.

Any health issues like
  • Women health care
  • Child health care
  • Back pain and spinal disorders
  • Disc problems
  • Joint disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleep issues like sleeplessness,etc.,
  • Migraines-Chronic Headache
  • Chronic Fatigue syndrome
  • Knee joint stiffness, swelling and burning sensation
  • Degeneration and inflammation of joints
  • Ligament tear
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Psychological and psychiatric problems
  • ADHD
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Chronic and acute fevers
  • Asthma
  • Hair fall problems (we provide pure herbal hair oil for hair growth)
  • Skin diseases
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • etc.

Ayurvedic Medicine Sydney – Pure herbal oil full body massage therapy is also available. Home Visit also available.

If you have any private health insurance, you can claim part of the consultation fee from your insurance according to the coverage.

  • Standard Ayurvedic Consultation [60 MIN]
  • A standard Ayurvedic consultation aims at curing a disease by analysing the root cause, pacifying it with the therapies and therapeutics, and then preventing its reoccurrences in the future by lifestyle and diet modification and detox. Ayurvedic consultation gives a unique opportunity to assess and address your different systems and their interactions.

  • Short Consultation [3OMIN]
  • Short consultation is recommended for someone who has an understanding of their body type and following an Ayurvedic lifestyle but looking for some assistance with present imbalance via herbs , massage therapies and detox.

  • Body Type Consultation / Lifestyle Consultation [40MIN]
  • A body type/lifestyle consultation is recommended for healthy individual’s to know their Ayurvedic mind-body type(prakruti) and to learn the tailored lifestyle, diet, meditation and exercise. Lifestyle consultation offers the great opportunity to understand yourself better and enjoy your health and happiness at fullest. Understanding your body-mind type can help you with your emotional and mental health as well.

  • Follow Up Consultation [30MIN]
  • Follow-up consultation helps to assess the progress of the plan prepared during initial consultation. So timely follow up consultations are important to assess the progress and to make necessary changes with the treatment plan.

  • Abhyanga [60MIN, 90MIN]
  • Abhyanga (oil massage) is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with specific warm herb infused oils. Abhyanga nourishes the skin and its layers leaving it smooth and purified. Abhyanga is the total therapy that works well on almost all pains and stressful body conditions like muscle, tendon, fascia, spine, joints, skin diseases, chronic fatigue, syndrome, anxiety, stress. Abhyanga can be adjusted to meet almost any needs of the body, and balances all doshas by using different herbalised oils and different techniques the body, and balances all doshas by using different herbalised oils and different techniques.
    Benefits of Abhyanga:
    Soothing for the nerves.
    Lubricating the joints.
    Toning the muscles.
    Increased circulation, especially to nerve endings.
    Softer, smoother skin.
    Increased mental attentiveness.
    Enhanced elimination of pollutions from the body.
    Increased stamina through the day.
    Better& deeper sleep at night.

  • Shirodhara [60MIN, 9OMIN, 120MIN]
  • Shirodhaara is a form of Ayurveda therapy that involves gently pouring medicated warm liquids over the forehead. It is an extremely popular therapy for stress management, anxiety, depression,autoimmune disorders, sleep issues, chronic headaches, relaxation and rejuvenation. Multiple sessions are recommended for long lasting results and to address specific illness.
    It helps to remove:
    Anxiety disorder

  • Udvarthanam
  • It has a different role in the Ayurvedic field. It is amazing and has the best treatment process that can actually help. You can count on it to get the relief from the daily stressful life. This treatment helps in getting the best treatment when you are suffering from a huge problem, you can count on us for the effective deals.

    We have the most experienced people taking care of the Ayurvedic treatment and make sure that you get the treatment done right on time.

  • Pinda Sweda
  • This is another very unique and special Ayurvedic treatment specific to sooth the pain in the body of the patient. You can always count on the treatment procedure to get the relief. You can always rely on us for the top quality Ayurvedic treatment.
    The process of the Pinda Sweda:
    Heated medicines are tied into a pack and applied on the sore and painful areas.
    The experts know the nerve endings and can heat the exact place. You can count on it to get the treatment done.
    The medicine is carefully selected base do the intensity and the age of your pain.

  • Kati Vasti [40MIN]
  • Kati vasti is a form of Ayurveda therapy that helps in strengthening back muscles which maintain normal curvature of the spine, the bone tissues. It is a effective treatment for any type of back pain, spinal disorders,stiffness and spinal disc problems. Kati vasti can be taken as preventive treatment also.

  • Janu Vasti [4OMIN]
  • Janu vasti is an Ayurvedic treatment that provides a simple and high effective relief to knee pain. Janu means – Knee joint, vasti means – To hold. It is the procedure where by the medicated oil is retained in the knee joint for a particular duration. Knee pain is often associated with stiffness, swelling. burning sensation, clicking sounds and limitation of movements. The common causes of knee pain are injuries, degeneration and inflammation. Janu vasti provides an immediate, magical and long standing relief from the acute or chronic pain and stiffness associated with knee pain. Janu vasti lubricates joints, treats sports injuries, prevents degenerative diseases, relieves pains, sprains, ligament tear, inflammation and protects the cartilage of knee. Janu vasti improves mobility.

  • Gala Vasti
  • A round container made out of black gram dough is set on the back of neck (cervical area). Lukewarm medicated oil is gradually poured in to it. The oil in the container is kept lukewarm by transferring the oil gently heated in a water bath during the procedure which generally lasts for 45 to 60 minutes.

    This is the best treatment -For pain, stiffness, degenerative changes (osteoarthritis),spondylosis and cervical spine injuries.

  • Dhanya Kizhi
  • Dhanya kizhi is a kind of healing sweating. It is a dry type of fomentation. In this healing, body is fomented with cloth bundles containing drugs like black gram, cotton seed, cereals, horse gram, etc, in semi powdered form. This is highly successful in reducing pain and inflammation in the joints, neck and lower back. The duration of the session 45 to 60 minutes each!

  • Shirovasti
  • Sirovasti is the most concentrated, strong outside oil application. Sirovasti is a particular method to manage medicated oil on the head. The patient is ready to sit upright on a wooden chair and medicated oil is applied on the head. Then a cap made of elastic leather, open on equal sides, is fixed on the head and the approved medicated oil, slightly warm, is poured onto the cap. The oil is allowable to stay inside the cap for a period of 45 minutes or till the exhibition of proper signs of competent treatment, whichever is earlier, and drained out.

  • Talapothichil
  • Thalapothichil or sirolepam is a particular ayurvedic action process in which chosen mixture of herbal items are made into a paste and put on persons head. Then it’s encased with banana leaves or lotus leaves. This treatment is very helpful in reducing a person’s anxieties and worries in particular.

  • Shashtika pinda sweda
  • Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda is also known as Navarakizhi. Practically considering, it’s a very accepted and a helpful Ayurvedic management in which sweat is forced through training of rice and milk. The primary objective of the treatment is giving release from muscle rigidity as well as pain.

    With this treatment, there’s a development in the in general muscle strength. Even the body gets energy and its invigorated well.

    Since this treatment requires milk, the rich nutritional substance helps in reviving the body. Evenly textured rice is the major element. Sometimes, therapeutic herbs are mixed with in combination with milk and rice. With this treatment, power and nourishment is given to body tissues i.e. the primary soft tissues, bones and muscles.

  • Udvarthanam
  • It has a different role in the Ayurvedic field. It is amazing and has the best treatment process that can actually help. You can count on it to get the relief from the daily stressful life. This treatment helps in getting the best treatment when you are suffering from a huge problem, you can count on us for the effective deals.

    We have the most experienced people taking care of the Ayurvedic treatment and make sure that you get the treatment done right on time.

  • Lepana
  • Inflammatory skin and body conditions can be really painful and the discomfort often becomes unbearable for the affected. The best solution for such conditions is that of a traditional Ayurvedic therapy by the name of Lepanam. This is the external application of Ayurvedic medicated paste anywhere on the body where inflammatory conditions exist.

    India is home to a number of herbal medicines. While administering Lepanam on an inflamed body or skin part, the ingredients vary in accordance with the ailment. Joint swellings and muscle pains are relieved alongside the improvement of skin texture.

    Normally after the ‘Lepanam’ process gets over, the part of the body it was administered gets cleaned with herbal water. At Siri Ayurvedic Clinic we guarantee the best services.

  • Shiroabhyanga
  • Shiro Abhyanga is the amalgamation of two Sanskrit words: Shiro and Abhyango. Shiro means ‘head’ while Abhyanga means ‘massage’. Thus, it means healing the body through massaging the head, shoulders and neck with various Ayurvedic herbal oils.

    In Shiro Abhyanga, two distinct Ayurvedic techniques are used, namely Shirodhara and Abhyanga.

    In Shirodhara, herbal massage oil is gently poured on a person’s forehead, scalp and neck areas. In Abhyanga, these areas along with the shoulders are massaged gently so that the benefits of oil can take effect.

    You can get the benefits of Shiro Abhyanga at the Siri Ayurvedic Clinic. Call us today to book an appointment.

  • Padabhyanga
  • Pada or the foot gets primary importance in Ayurveda. According to Ayurvedic principles, the human body is like an inverted tree where the roots lie at the top and the branches attached to the trunk are directed towards the ground. The true essence of good health lies in the branches which in turn strengthens the root. Similarly when the foot is massaged, the entire body is benefited with unique health benefits which would in turn lead to better health. At Siri Ayurvedic Clininc, we offer the best padaavhiyanga procedures offered by experts. For the best results, the massage is given before during the evening or just before going to bed.

    It is made up of two words pada – feet and abhyang means application of oil.

    Everyone is aware about the benefits of massage but why we are mentioning padabhyanga separately? According to Ayurveda, whoever applies any kind of fat on foot soles will be blessed with long and healthy life.

    So if you are busy and it’s not possible for you to apply oil on whole body at least apply it on the feet.

    So what are the benefits of padabhyanga? As we I’ll apply ghee to the feet, naturally it will help you to reduce the dryness of the feet, cracks on the sole.

    But we are not thinking it as a cosmetic therapy.

    If we apply any unctuous substance to feet we canreduce the effect of any Vaata disorder in the body.

    In the same way the roots of our nerves are also in our feet so when we apply unctuous substance it’s going to nourish the nerves also.

    Mainly it’s useful to keep sciatica pain under control.

    It’s good for eye health.

    When you have had a lot of physical or mental stress then doing padabhyanga can help you to reduce it.

    Many people have experienced it themselves.

    Now, how to do Padabhyanga? It is actually a therapywhich is usually done under a doctor’s supervision.

    But as it should be done on a daily basis so Santulan Ayurveda pharmacy has provided you with a simple version of it.

    It consists of a ghruta whichis a properly processed ghruta, secondly it contains bronze bowl.

    Bronze is good for health and especially used here to stabilise the Pitta Dosha in our body.

    And one cotton cloth is also given so as thing used for padabhyanga.

    The procedure is absolutely simple.

    It’s best to do it at night just before sleeping if that’s not possible for you, it can be done at any time of the day.

    Required time is 20 min.

    If you are watching TV, chatting with someone you can use that time for padabhyanga.

    You can do it yourself or get it done by someone else.

    Apply padabhyanga ghruta on both feet, and do a light massage and then use bronze bowl on feet by doing round massage on both the feet for 10 minutes each.

    As per your constitution your feet will become grey or black in colour.

    Especially diabetic patients who face a lot of trouble with digestion and pitta issues tell us that there feet become black like charcoal after doing padabhyanga.

    So don’t be afraid if it becomes black, it’s actually working against your problems.

    So after finishing this Padabhyanga for 20 min(10 min each foot) one can wipe the feet or wash.

    Some people come very late at night so they feel very lazy to give 20 min more to padabhyanga.

    But if you have come let’s say at 12.

    30 and you have only 5-6 hrs of sleep remaining then please be sure this investment of 20 min of sleep in padabhyanga will help you long way to take care of pitta, heat, and indigestion in the body.

    So please do this padabhyanga on a regular basis for your good health.

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